Akhriim is the Imperial City of the Grand Empire of Tilvas, and Capital of Amarisia.

A'dul Gad Edit

Ever since the near beginning of time, the Nimerian Darkelves have ruled over Amarisia after the fall of the Dragons. They cultured the land and the city, and built it up to mostly what it is today. However, after the Tyrannical War, A'dul Gad was renamed and purposed by Emperor Zavren Moratus.

Ahkriim Edit

Ahkriim was named by Emperor Zavren for two main purposes. In the ancient times when Dragons roamed the world, The area upon which the city was built used to be a small mountain-y space, upon which Dragons bred. However, Long after that, only a few hundred years before the Great War, was A'dul Gad built by the populating Darkelves. After the Tyrannical War hundreds of years later, it was named Ahkriim, which means 'Capital' in the dragon language.

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