Alen Remia is a wide highlands in the southern most part of North Tilvas. It is South of Shad'wen , and East of Waldewynn.

Founding of Alen Remia (Before Great War)Edit

This land was terraformed by Orderic after Shad'wen was formed. This land was also not affected by the Dark Gods. After he established humanity in this region he built his temple and guided the humans to a point. After his guiding was done he left. It is said that he still is keeping an eye on the inhabitants.

After the Region became part of the Humanic Empire it was turned into the religious section, which followed major customs that where taught by Orderic. At this time humans and the Dark Elves did not see Eye to eye. After the Collapse of the Humanic Empire, Humans began to blame the Dark Elves for it's falls. 

This would Carry on even after the Grand War.

Alen Remia (After Great War)Edit

Alen Remia is owned by the human nation of the Trimire Republic. It was established by 4 of the 10 Human Factions. After Creating Stalemate between the League of Sha, The ancient hatred of Dark Elves surfaced and took grip to most of the people. Tririme Adopted the Religious aspect of the Empire along with one of its back up Goverments, A Republic. Even thou their is Hatred against the Dark Elves, the few wise-men of Tririme speculate the fault lies with the system and people, or the Dark Gods.

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