The Region of Alm'agan is mostly flatland, with many trees, and leads to a wide snowy valley. It has a path around the valley that leads to Lake Urel, where it controls Juren Isle . It also connects to Kaeran Island in the middle of Lake Eztas. It is North of Waldewynn, South of Holtem, and West of Amarisia.

Founding of Alm'agan (Before Great War)Edit

Alm'agan region was said to have been created by the works of Zerek and Mandrake. Through its forming however many of the dark gods attempted to take hold of the region. Islen, patron of dragons, attempted to claim the land but, was swiftly stopped by Mandrake, Islen however, continued to intervene. When Zerek placed dwarves Islen did not do anything to them, although Sar'khet remained facinated by them. When they tried to introduce elves, dark elves, or humans, Islen would come personally to wipe them out. It is also said that Islen still plans for The Frozen Peaks to be the home of dragons to this day.

The Mountains are rich with many metals making it a Vault of Treasures. The mountain is also said to have been blessed by Dwarven Pantheon gods to increase the re-growth of its resources.

The Dwarves became the respective race in the Alm'agan. With the defeat of the Dark Gods, wisdom both by Mandrake and Dalrik were passed down. Although the minor avatar's of Sar'khet tried to turn them, the dwarven people held themselves strong with shear will. The Snowbeard Family became their rulers and guiders of the Dwarves, thus gaining wisdom with everystep. This would lead to Frozen-Sky Dwarves unification and height of power. T'ill the Great war

Alm'agan (After Great War)Edit

The region of Alm'agan is owned by the Frozen-Sky Dwarves , who call its snowy valley and forest land home. Dwarves had already achieved self-sufficiency with the resources they had, and with Holtem federation things could not be better for the economy of the dwarves. Even after the "Fall of the Dwarven Warmachine."

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