The Cresent Land of Amarisia is West of Holtem, and North of Waldewynn. It has a long ship of shore to the north, which allows more access for shipyards, but is more vulnerable aswell.

Founding of Amarisia (Before Great War)Edit

Amarisa was not only built by Zerek but, it was were the Orderic and Victorius had faught against Tyrannus and Valyon. With their combined power Orderic and Victorious defeated Tyrannus but, Valyon had escaped. Upon Tyrannus' defeat he left his influence in the land, because of this, when the Dark Elves were introduced to the region some became filled with Tyrannus' will. After centuries, resistance towards Tyrannus influence increased.Eventually only those trully immeresed in the power and worship of Tyrannus remained connected. 

The land when it was created was made to have soothing beaches and great wood for building. The Dark Elves were the second to unite themselves fully, only second to the dwarves. However, their way of life differed drasticly from the other races. Do to Tyrannus influence, the Dark Elves develop a form of race supremacy, making it so all other races looked inferior. This Influence spread amongs the all Dark Elves in the continent, Which is not known how it was possible. As the centuries went by the Dark Elves had become very isolationist, with rare times of trade until the Grand War.

Amarisia (After Great War)Edit

Amarisia is currently controlled by the Darkelves of Nimeria , who call this region home. After the Dark Elves failed to destroy the humans now remain quiet. Many things are still missing. Reports by both humans and dwarves is that at night the darkness is as thick as wall, also sounds of unknown creatures could be heard.

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