Arkmoor is the Peninsula of land in the far north of Talvis. A series of land split by grate rivers. The land branches off even farther north.

Founding of Arkmoor (Before Great War)Edit

The "Founding of Arkmoor", was implemented by Zerek, Patron of Gods. Zerek like the rest of Tilvas Erected the land. It was when Vien, Queen of Beauty, Challenged Aeren, Diety of Time who was a female during the milenia, to contest of morphing the land to greater nature. Aeren accepted this challenge to prove teach a leasson to Vien. The land region had begun its shaping, each goddess taking sections and terraforming them into beauty of rivers, mountains, and forest. It turn out that they tied in the eyes of all gods present. 

Centuries past, and soon the Introduction races was confirmed. Vien challenged Aeren once again to see if they could find a race fit for the land. This time around Aeren was male, and thought that the lands created by the power of two gods should be inhabited by a strong race. Thus Aeren had convinced Zerek, and The Orcs were formed, It was Vien that looked displeased. After Aeren's victory, the lands whole lands of Arkmoor was populated by the orcs. However, Vien with her power of beauty had tricked the orcs against each other, Cutting the population from the whole region to 2/3 of the land. Do this act Victorius, Wife of Zerek and Goddess of Fate, renamed Vien her Queen of Envy and lordess of deception, for not obeying the very contest she started.

The Orcs were left with the teaching of the Patron of Dieties. For them to be in tuned with the realm that was created by the two gods. It was a milenia After Vien dissappeared when the Elven had been placed by Dalrik in the north part of Arkmoor. Of course at this time both the, Ancient Writings by Orderic, and the God of Dieties, left their wisdom within the land.Centuries would pass would pass and orcs themselves would organize.Orvik being the Remaining Blood of the orcs that had survived the deception of Vien. 

It would take centuries of events lost in time before the unification of the Ala'nar Dominion. Losing it teaching through the span of time up the creation of the Dominion. While the Orcs Remained self-learned and uphold the teachings that they have fervorly.

Arkmoor (After Great War)Edit

Arkmoor is now split between the Ala'nar Dominion Highelves in the north and the Urmak Congregation in the south. Alan'nar still holds all the Ancient Orvik lands while the Urmak remain as Zeal defenders of the Ancestral homes. Though neither would give an inch the borders are pretty smoothened out by rivers, bridges, and a Deadzone, that holds great significant t'ill this day.