Baron Laegus Roland is the new military command of the Trimire Republic.

Early LifeEdit

Laegus Roland was born in Alen Remia, and grew up an exceptional warrior. He befriended Rubik Leylynn when they were both children. However, When they were about seventeen, Rubik left for the Military. And bad influences drove Roland to become a mercenary. About three years later, he left his past behind him and became a Baron of Alen Remia.

Baron of Alen RemiaEdit

While he was a baron, he owned a third of Alen Remia. It was also known that the land was on the brink of war. The other two Barons were about to go to war to take all of Alen Remia, Which would have made Roland indirectly and eventually part of the struggle. However, Everything luckily changed for him before the battles broke out, when his old friend Rubik returned to take control.

The Trimire RepublicEdit

Former councilor of the Emperor, Rubik Leylynn returned as the new rightful owner of Alen Remia. Even if the Baron's wishes to oppose him, they'd have little support to fight him, thus they must serve under him. Rubik eventually promoted Laegus Roland to general of the Trimire Republic. Soon after which, Rubik needed another man to help keep order in the Republic on a more common level. Roland pointed him to Gaius Halmath, a former lieutenant of his. After taking a good look at Gaius, Rubik did make him the Commander of the guard. Together they work to lead the Republic to glory.


Laegus Roland is a simple, just man. He doesn't really wish for war, but if his old friend and new leader wills it, then he will carry out that will. He is surprisingly a nice person, dispite following orders.

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