Chieftain Mor'gul is the leader of the Urmak Congregation.

Early LifeEdit

Chieftain Mor'gul was a fierce warrior who fought in the Military by the time he was fifteen. He courageously fought beside his best friend Hak'mud during the Ala'nar Onslaught. He was twenty two when the Orvik Clans fled Arkmoor. For an extra year, the remaining orcs of Arkmoor were lost, until a shaman by the name of Sal'goroth changed their fate forever.

The Urmak CongregationEdit

Sal'goroth eventually rallied the orcs of Arkmoor, and called upon the elements to help them reform themselves. The elements chose Mor'gul to be Chieftain, and his best friend Hak'mud to be his rightful general. The elements also chose Sal'goroth himself to be the High Shaman of the group. Together, the three of them named their new united power the Urmak Congregation.


Chieftain Mor'gul is a rather straight-forward orc. He is a strong and cunning warrior, which hes takes to his advantage. He has a respect for the Orcs of the Orvik Clans, and he also forgave the Ala'nar Dominion for their raid on their lands.