The Dark Elf Pantheon refers to the Gods seen in Dark Elven image, however other gods have been known to be worshiped outside their image.

The Darkelf PantheonEdit

Such gods of their pantheon include:

Luna - Queen of the Night, Moon, Magic, and Shadows

Argoth - Lord of the Forests, and the Hunt

Sha'dek - Queen of War, Patron of Fighters

Dalronn - King of Life and Death

Zephyr - Goddess of Water

Shal'anore - Queen of the Bow, Creator of Darkelves

Master of SlavesEdit

Beleran - Master of Slaves, Creator of Lesser Races

Throughout Time, Darkelves have refered to Beleran in their pantheon, though not worshiped him. They spread word that Beleran is the creator of Lesser Races, or "Non-Darkelf" Races. This usually causes heated arguments to break out across Tilvas, as calling others a "Spawn of Beleran" is used as an insult.

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