Dark Magic is the unholy energy that is used by dark mages and warlocks.


Dark Magic originated when the Dark Gods need people to oppose Orderic's Order of Golden Blood. The Dark Gods together decided that one individual who recognized them the best was granted their power. This individual was Jillic Murik, A great human mage of the First Humanic Empire. He was a devout follower of the Dark Gods, though he was the first one they ever showed themselves to. He then taught a few fellow apprentices. They eventually taught their own apprentices, and thus the teachings of Dark Magic traveled throughout the world in a matter of years, but ultimately came to an end with the Covert War and the disappearance of Tulen Moratus.

Current Dark MagicEdit

Dark Magic was banned after the Covert War by the Order of Seven. However, There are very few who were commissioned to practice Dark Magic for research. Most users of Dark Magic now are performed by Warlocks, which is a growing practice in the ranks of the Orcs.