General Barkep Frostbelt is the Commander of the Military for the Frozen-Sky Dwarves.

Early LifeEdit

Barkep Frostbelt was born on Juren Isle. He stayed there and trained till he was fifteen. By that time he traveled to the capital to enlist for the Military. About five years in, He was recognized by High King Khen Snowbeard. He was promoted to General, and served under King Khen for ten years, and became friends over that time.

The Dwarven War MachineEdit

When High King Khen died, his only son, Thedeus took over. Just like his father, General Barkep served Thedeus faithfully. He helped conqueor the land of Holtem from the humans. When the three secondary commanders took command of Holtem from the Frozen-Sky, General Barkep was the first to suggest a massive counter-attack to reclaim it. However, He was called south to help defend against the Wizards of Waldewynn. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, as the Dwarven War Machine fell to the Mages shortly after the the taking of Holtem. He was second to approve making the new Holtem Federation a branch-nation.


General Barkep Frostbelt is a devout follower of his High King. He is one of the most courageous and loyal followers of any leader in Tilvas. He himself was deemed a "Mountainlord" by Thedeus' father, which means Warrior King in their language. Mountainlord is usually only for the Kings of the Dwarves, however it was a great honor for the king to name Barkep one.