General Boros Valem is a native to Waldewynn, but after the First Humanic Empire disbanded became the general of the Stormtyre military.

The First Humanic EmpireEdit

Not much was known of Boros' history. However, When he was of age he joined the empire's ranks and swiftly climbed to success. He eventually became a minor general and fought valiantly in the Great War. However, when the empire disbanded, he was no longer a general really. However, King Aldren Buckle decided to recruit him to be the military leader of the Kingdom of Stormtyre, which he so gratiously accepted.

The Kingdom of StormtyreEdit

General Boros didn't know much about the Kingdom of Stormtyre, or its people. However, he added much to the knowledge of the people, and also training the lot of them in old techniques. So far he contributed alot to the Kingdom, and is more loyal than most other soldiers. Unlike most other generals, he perfers to fight on the front line in battle to inspire his men.


General Boros Valem is a cruel man to those who don't know him, and even moreso to those that just dont respect him. However, To most humans he is rather generous, But he has a sheer hatred for the Dark Elves and Dwarves of whom he fought in the war against.

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