General Horen Stoutstep is the general of the Holtem Federation.

Early LifeEdit

Horen Stoutstep grew up on a shore town in western Alm'agan. He was a true warrior from birth, and even grew up mastering seven types of weaponry, including fists. He was a pitfighter by the time he was seven teen.

Lt. GeneralEdit

About two years later, he joined the Dwarven War Machine and based on his skill he was promoted to Lieutenant General under Barkep Frostbelt. During the struggles, He met Thane Khan-Odek and Senior Scout Magnus Kuran. Together, they worked under the General and conqueored the province of Holtem from the humans. When Barkep would be commissioned on the Southern front lines, Him and Kuran would vote for Khan-Odek to become the new ruler of Holtem. Their goal became accomplished, and when they achieved victory over the remaining dark humans, the High King named Khan-Odek leader of Holtem as their own nation.

General of the Holtem FederationEdit

When Khan-Odek was named ruler of Holtem, He promoted Horen Stoutstep to General of the Militarty, and Magnus Kuran to Master Scout. Together they renamed the nation the Holtem Federation. They became rivalry strong with the Frozen-Sky, but they still have a strong alliance together.


Horen Stoutstep is a hard ass by definition. He gives noone slack, and always works himself and everyone to be the hardest. In truth, if anyone would be more willing to sacrafice theirself for their people, it would be Horen over Khan-Odek. He is a true warrior at heart.