General Ma'grob is the commander of the millitary for the Orvik Clans.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Ma'grob's childhood. The only know facts is that he never knew his parents. He is also suspected of being Orken. (Though even if he was, there would only be slight racism against him, but nothing serious.)

Leading the OrviksEdit

General Ma'grob has become a trusted friend of Warchief Za'kul Gorob. He is fearless and strong, a trait most orcs share. He has no problem doing anything that the Warchief commands him to do. He fought courageously against the Ala'nar Onslaught, but was one of the first to suggest a retreat. He himself opened the sturdy ancient doors with Za'kul to Gorek Pass. They headed south for Relaim for a new start. He courageously fought in the Relaim Civil War, and helped conqueor the city of Amnestad. He himself gave Warchief Za'kul the name for the city.


General Ma'grub is a kindhearted orc. Possibly the most generous orc ever to be seen. But this doesn't stop him from taking charge when needed.

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