Gorek Pass is an ancient and dangerous passage through the treacherous mountains between Arkmoor and Relaim.


There are two gateways at the North entrance and the South entrance. The northern entrance is built with Orc and Elvish Architecture, while the southern entrance is built with Elvish and Human Architecture. Both gateways are blocked by giant gates, with the north one being Everwood, the strongest wood in Tilvas, and the southern being Relaim Steel, one of the strongest metals in Tilvas. The gateways themselves are near indestructable, and it takes alot of strength to open them. After opening a gateway, you must go through the pass, and endure some of the most terrible passageways ever seen.


  • Gorek Pass was said to have been created by Mandrake, the god of Flight, Skies, and the Weather.
  • Gorek Pass had only been traveled through three times in history, Once with the Orcs of Arkmoor, another with the First Humanic Empire, and the third is unknown, only that the gates were opened and passed a third time.
  • With the orcs settling in Relaim, and the people of Arkmoor and Relaim at peace, the last matter is finding a way to make the Gorek Pass safer to travel.
  • Gorek in the ancient language of the Orcs stands for "Dangerous Wind(s)"
  • Noone knows who actually created the gateways to Gorek Pass, only that it must have been Orcs, Elves, and Humans based on the architecture.

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