Half Bloods are the term refered to those of mixed races.

Variety of Half-BloodsEdit

Human & Highelf - Algorean

Human & Bloodelf - Alborean

Human & Orc - Horken

Human & Darkelf - Shadowblood (Third rarest combined blood)

Darkelf & Orc - Dark Orc

High/Bloodelf & Orc - Orken

Darkelf & Highelf - Shadow Elf

Highelf & Bloodelf - Avorean (Second rarest combined blood, strangely being that the elves are rather close.)

Avorean & Human - Silverblood (Rarest blood combination)

Avorean & Darkelf - Royal Elven Blood

Avorean & Orc - Gray-Blood

Mixed blood of Human, Orc, Highelf, Darkelf, and Bloodelf - Trueheart

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