High General Aurel Windspirit is the military commander of Nimeria, and former apprentice of King Sha'do Nightsong.

Early LifeEdit

Aurel Windspirit grew up in a small town cut off from the rest of Amarisia. When she was about ten, she became an amazing hunter, She eventually met a young sabrecat, who she took care of and raised for many years. About seven years later it became so big she could ride it. She became even more skilled as she learned to volley arrows while riding. About three years later, she met and was intrigued by Sha'do Nightsong, and became his apprentice.

High General of NimeriaEdit

Eventually, her master decided to take the nation for himself. They both challenged the former king and his general. Together, they easily defeated them both. He named himself King, and made Aurel High General. He also made Shak'tul High Priest of Nimeria. Together they would rule Nimeria past its limits, and eventually conqueor the world in Tyrannus' name.


Aurel Windspirit isn't as cruel and evil as her king, Sha'do. However, she does strive for excellence and racial dominance under the corrupt banners of Tyrannus.