High King Thedeus Snowbeard is the leader of the Frozen-Sky Dwarves. He is a mountainlord, which generally translates to "Warrior King (Of the Mountains)" In Dwarven.

Early LifeEdit

Thedeus Snowbeard was born to his father, High King Khen Snowbeard. He was his only son. When he was young, his father constantly trained Thedeus to be a great warrior, and a wise leader. So that one day Thedeus would be ready to take the mantle of leadership of their people.

High King of the Frozen-SkyEdit

The Humans of Holtem, who had been trading partners, began to steal and eventually raid camps one day. The problem kept growing, and things kept getting worse. High King Khen died eventually of natural causes, leaving the nation an unready leader to take charge. However, after Thedeus did take charge, he looked to a Master Sorcerer, Ignis, for guidance. Soon after plans were made, the Dark Elves of Nimeria arrived to make a deal with the Dwarves. They explained how the human chaos would only get worse, and that an alliance between them would help. Origionally Thedeus was going to refuse, but his fathers most trusted general, Barkep Frostbelt, persuaded him otherwise.

The Dwarven WarmachineEdit

The Dwarves and their allies the Darkelves became an almost unstoppable force, With leadership of Thedeus, they wiped out the humans of Holtem. However, three well-known commanders of the army became the land's owners, and took it for themselves. However, this was after the warmachine had become weakened, the Wizards of Waldewynn changed the fate of the battle and defeated the Dwarves. After the fall of the warmachine, The three leaders of the Frozen-Sky gave the new branched nation, the Holtem Federation, their blessing, though Master Sorcerer Ignis was reluctant.


High King Thedeus Snowbeard is a sturdy dwarf, who has much wisdom from experience and his father. He is what one would call a "True Dwarf".