High Shaman Sal'goroth was the former High Shaman of the Orvik Clans. When they left Arkmoor, Sal'goroth helped form the Urmak Congregation.

Early LifeEdit

Sal'goroth was born in Arkmoor in a stronghold owned by a cult of the Dark God Xoroth. His parents named him Sal'goroth after the dark god, for they believed he was destined to serve him. However, during a raid on the stronghold by the Orvik Clans when he was young, his parents and the cult were slain. Some of the cultists fled south and lived in the province of Relaim. He grew up under a shaman of the Orvik Clans, which is where he learned the ways of the elements.


As the ancient history tells it, Shamanism was created by the two orcish ancestors of Orderic's followers, the Order of Golden Blood. When they left they came in tune with the other elements of the world, thus becoming the two first Shamans. Similarly, Sal'goroth being born of a servant of the dark god, had the generic powers to become a shaman. He was raised further and taught by a shaman of the Orvik Clans. He became one of the most powerful shamans in the world.

The Urmak CongregationEdit

During the Ala'nar Onslaught, Sal'goroth refused to fight openly fight or leave his land. He never fought in the actual conflicts, luckily enough. When his Warchief and other fled Arkmoor, he called them cowards and cursed them by the elements. After the Orvik Clans fled south, the remaining orcs of Arkmoor were lost, and fearful of extinction. However, Sal'goroth rallied the people, and casted a huge incantation on the entire tribe. The four elements arose, and picked the three greatest people the tribe to lead. The first, was Sal'goroth himself as High Shaman. They also chose Mor'gul to be Chieftain, and his friend Hak'mud to be accompany Mor'gul as General. Together, they reformed the orcs of Arkmoor into the Urmak Congregation.


Sal'goroth is a very wise and tolerant orc. It is because of him that the Urmak Congregation never went to war with their cowardice brothers of the Orvik Clans. He trains Shamans for the Urmaks, though he does not stop them from using their abilities to fight for Chieftain Mor'gul. However, he himself perfers to never use his powers for battle, only for enlightenment.

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