King Aldren Buckle is a former councilor of Emperor Artemis II and the leader of the Kingdom of Stormtyre.

Early LifeEdit

Aldren Buckle was born in the city of Valletor during the reign of Emperor Artemis II. He trained as a warrior for most of his life, but he eventually began to put his training on hold and study to be wiser. This took a turn when Emperor Artemis convinced him to become a royal councilor of his. Aldren accepted his offer.

The First Humanic EmpireEdit

After he became a royal councilor of the empire, he did many things. He was basically a landlord and watching eye of Stormglen. However, soon the Dark Iron Alliance invaded Waldewynn. The war was terrible, but luckily the war ended in a stalemate. Eventually, the fourth councilor assassinated the Emperor, but was caught and killed. With the war done, the three councilors split the empire into three parts, Aldren Buckle took the region of Stormglen and renamed it the Kingdom of Stormtyre.

The Kingdom of StormtyreEdit

When the empire was split, Aldren Buckle became King of the Kingdom of Stormtyre. He would lead his people in the ways of the empire. The Kingdom stronger than the Trimire Republic and has one of the strongest navies and uses of naval affairs in Tilvas. 


King Aldren Buckle is a great leader. He rules with wisdom and strength, and lets his people have a say in things. He balances his nation out in many things, making their kingdom a "jack of trades" of nations. Many say that if it ever came to it, Aldren Buckle might be elligable for the first Emperor of the Second Humanic Empire.

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