King Khan-Odek is the leader of the Holtem Federation, and a former Thane of the Frozen-Sky Dwarves.

Early LifeEdit

Khan-Odek was trained as a warrior at a young age. When he was ten, He was sent to Juren Isle to be further trained. About ten years later, He was named Thane of the Frozen-Sky.

Thane of the Frozen-SkyEdit

Khan-Odek became Thane of the Frozen-Sky personally by High King Thedeus. When the Dwarven War Machine arose, he was one of the first to lead it along side General Barkep. It was the General, Thane Khan-Odek, Lt. General Horen Stoutstep, and Senior Scout Magnus Kuran who led the charge and conqueored the province of Holtem from the humans. Soon, General Barkep was summoned to the southern front, leaving other three leaders to hold the region.

King of HoltemEdit

After the fall of the Dwarven War Machine, it became increasingly difficult to hold Holtem. The few suriving humans prayed to the Dark Gods, which in turn gave them great unholy powers. However, Horen and Magnus both persuaded the High King to make Khan-Odek the new leader. Khan-Odek had no choice but to follow through. However, this proved good for him as in one and a half years, he successfully ridded the region of humans. Astounded at this progress, High King Thedeus decided to make the dwarves of Holtem its own nation, with Khan-Odek as its leader. The new King, Khan-Odek named Horen Stoutstep his new General, and Magnus Kuran his new Master Scout. Together they renamed the nation the Holtem Federation, and they would prove to be the Frozen-Sky's most valuable assets.


King Khan-Odek is a good man, He has hard training and heavy military experience. Sometimes he is lost because of things he remembers when he fought in the Frozen-Sky, But he is none the less a great leader to his people, and they would rather have no other.

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