King Sha'do Nightsong is the leader of the Nimerian Dark Elves and a born cultist of the Dark God Tyrannus.

Early LifeEdit

Sha'do Nightsong was born in the north east of Amarisia, in a ruined monestary to the Dark Gods. Ever since he was a child he was taught the teachings of unholy magic. When he was about ten, his parents left to follow Tulen Moratus. After the fatal battle at Ralken during the Covert War, Only his father returned. Before the Order of Seven came to execute his father, he casted a spell on Sha'do which made him ade by about seven years. He then told him to escape so that they wouldn't catch him too. The Order succeeded, and Sha'do got away. Within the next three years, he attained a follower by the name of Aurel Windspirit. She was a hunter who was fascinated with the dark arts. They eventually challenged the former king of Nimeria. Luckily they won, also killing his general.

King of the NimeriansEdit

After they defeated the former king, Sha'do Nightsong became the new King of Nimeria. He promoted his apprentice, Aurel Windspirit, to High General. He had also recently met a High Priest by the name of Shak'tul, to whom he appointed as an advisor and head of their "religions". King Sha'do rules his new nation with an iron fist, and won't stop until the entire continent is painted red with the blood of the fallen, and the banners of Nimeria and the symbols of Tyrannus stand upon every civilization.


Sha'do Nightsong is a very cruel man. The only people he cares for are Dark Elves, and the only thing he wishes is for the world to submit to him.