Klark Cavin is a master dark wizard, a lesser member of the Order of Seven, and a former member of the Cult of Sar'khet.

Early LifeEdit

Klark Cavin was born in Waldewynn but became a nomad. From a young age, he was gifted as a mage. He practiced all the time, and learned many different arts throughout his travels. When he was about twenty-five, he met Tulen Moratus. He spoke his mind, and convinced Klark to join him. Although at the time Klark wasn't powerful enough, Tulen still let him be an apprentice and a follower. 

The Cult of Sar'khetEdit

After Klark, Tulen told him of his former master, Haylem Orsos. Together, Tulen and Klark recruited many wizards to follow under Tulen. Eventually, it got to the point where he decided to wage war on the world, thus the Covert War began. They begin to secretly conqueor regions for the dark mages. Eventually the Order of Seven caught on, and began recruiting for themselves. At that point, Klark wasn't strong enough to be on Tulen's disciples, but he continued to recruit for him and help take regions.

The Covert WarEdit

Many battles began to occur throughout the land between Arkmoor and Waldewynn. During this time, Klark began to feel as though Tulen was increasingly wrong. Many mages, mostly good, but also evil, continued to die. This would manifest into the greatest battle in all of history, the Battle of Ralken. However, before the battle broke out, Klark Cavin went to Alumn Orak and pleaded to him. Alumn then convinced the main Order members to let him join, to which they did. He helped tell them of the enemy, which gave them a stronger advantage. When the battle broke out, it was utter chaos. Hundreds of thousands of spells being casted, explosions occuring all over the city. During the side battle in the main hold, Klark Cavin broke in and killed Aul Ogen, a former dark master to whom he knew well. Tulen and his remaining disciples then fled the city through a portal. After he was cast out, the battle died down. All remaining members of the Cult were executed, and all that escaped were hunted down. Klark was given special permission by Alumn to practice Dark Magic and teach how to defend against it.


Natural, Many dislike Klark Cavin for his evil deeds in the Covert War. However, he has since proven to be a nice person, though he dislikes being bothered many times. However, the question is how will he turn out, and how will he be involved in future events.