Lady Laurus is the leader of the League of Sha and former commander of the Nimerian Darkelves.

Early LifeEdit

Lady Laurus Ruil was born in southeast Amarisia and slowly grasped the art of the warrior. However, she wasn't a traditional warrior. She also has a natural affinity for stealth, to which she used while being a warrior. She mastered this new art, and could beat any warrior or rogue in combat. Eventually, She joined the military. However, when testing her, they discovered that her skills were beyond comparison, and instantly promoted her to commander.

Commander of the Dark Iron AllianceEdit

By that point, The Darkelves and Dwarves formed the Dark Iron Alliance, and proceeded to attack the First Humanic Empire. Before that, the War in the North raged on between the Orvik Clans/Urmak Congregation and the Ala'nar Dominion, plus the Relaim Civil War, thus officially beginning the Great War. She and her battalion were sent through Alm'agan to fight the humans in Waldewynn. They did so well they werent west and pushed deep into Shad'wen with her second in command Mistress Iseus, a darkpriestess of Vien. There they forced the native people of the Order of Shadras, apparent Darkelves, into hiding. However some of them joined the Nimerians, including Anoreth. They were preparing to finally crush the humans in the east, however, before they could, the humans of Alen Remia and the humans of Waldewynn reclaimed land and pushed the dwarves and darkelves back, stranding Lady Laurus' forces.

The League of ShaEdit

After the Great War ended, Lady Laurus' forces being blocked off declared themselves their own nation, the League of Sha after the Order of Shadras. Commander Laurus declared herself Queen and got the title "Lady". Mistress Iseus remained her second in command. Lady Laurus also recognized Anoreth and made her Commander of her military. Together they made the League of Sha the power it is.


Lady Laurus is a cruel and ruthless person. She is rather evil, even for a darkelf. But there is no question to where her loyalty lies, with her new people, and even with her old people. Noone would dare cross her path with malicious intent.

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