Lord General Quel'den Aren is the commander of the Relais army. He is best friends with Queen Anoril Starfall and good friend with Master Haylem Orsos.

Early LifeEdit

Not much of Quel'den's childhood is known, only that he was taught by the greatest archer in Relaim. He grew up as a famous hunter and brawler, and even fought King Shalador in one match in Arkmoor.

The Relaim Civil WarEdit

About ten years later, Quel'den met his new Queen, Anoril Starfall, during her coronation in Mooncrest. He saw that she was doing a grand campaign against the rebels, and he decided to publicly show his loyalty by pledging himself to the military to Anoril herself. It was then that, as a good promotional tool, and showing a large amount of confidence in Quel'den, she promoted him directly to Lord General of the military. About a year later after much fighting and getting nowhere, he began to look for advantages. He came upon a master magister by the name of Haylem Orsos, who he believed to be the one to change the tides of the war. He brought the magister to the attention of Anoril. After much convincing, she decided to employ him. She immediately granted him the title of Grand Magister, and it was his task to teach others to wield magic as he did.(Many already did at the time, but Haylem had a gift with the ways of magic.) With the help of magic, and the foundation of the Orvik Clans' flight south, they were able to defeat and annihilate the rebels. Quel'den had the idea to throw a huge celebration in honor of the war's end.

The Kingdom of RelaisEdit

Lord General Quel'den Aren served faithfully in the war, and even more faithfully in keeping order within the kingdom. Even though he rarely fights in battles, he is still known as the most courageous soldier in the kingdom, dispite being a ranger, aside from Queen Anoril herself.

The Ranger CorpsEdit

Quel'den Aren founded the Ranger Corps of Relais. They are among the most skilled archers in Tilvas. Even though Quel'den has a fancy for culture, they are only offered to bloodelves who show potential with a bow. They were used to help win the Relaim Civil War. For members of the Ranger Corps see here.


Quel'den Aren has a unique personality. Unlike most people, he has a love for all races. Their culture, foods, arcitecture. However, that will not stand in his way. If given the order to march on Arkmoor, He will do so without question. He grew up learning one of the most valuable lessons: Loyalty.