Lord Kallus Buckle is the son of King Aldren and second in charge of the Kingdom of Stormtyre.

Early LifeEdit

Kallus Buckle was born in Ralken, Waldewynn where his father worked under Emperor Artemis II. Aldren would from time to time train Kallus in the art of the warrior. However, Kallus eventually began to train himself, for his father was always busy. When he was fifteen, the war broke out. After it ended, his father helped split the empire in three, to which he took Stormglen, his home.

Lord of StormtyreEdit

After his father became King of Stormtyre, he was made Lord, to watch over everything his father could not. Together there was nothing in the kingdom that couldn't be seen. It also helped when General Boros Valem became general of the military. All together they ruled the land. Lord Kallus also has a soft spot for the people, and is always willing to help them. 


Lord Kallus Buckle is a soft hearted person. However, he will put himself on the front line to die for his people, and kill any who oppose his kingdom. He doesn't have a hatred like most humans, most likely because he didn't fight the the Great War. However, he generally dislikes the darkelves based on the stories of what they did.