Master Harem Lorel is the grand magister of the Ala'nar Dominion. He is friends with and advisor to King Arkem.

Early LifeEdit

Harem Lorel was a gifted magister since he was born. He was born in Erekam, the same town as King Shalador. When Harem was ten, he and his family moved to the Isle of Ark'aram. There he was trained to use his power greater than he ever could. About ten years later, he was practicing his studies, when a few dozen riders approached New Haven.

They were Shalador Arkem and his Consulates. They pillaged about a fourth of the town, capturing every member of the Ulum Arath and Ulenien Artien family, and killing any who resisted. It was then that Harem met his childhood friend, Shalador. There, Shalador introduced Harem to his plans, and Harem packed up his things to join Shalador on his conquest. Harem was present at the trial to support the execution of the Ulenien Artien family. After the execution, Shalador explained his next project to Harem.

The Ala'nar OnslaughtEdit

King Shalador also met another person of interest in New Haven. A priestess of Orderic, Lady Quil Le'denil. She helped fuel the thought for the Ala'nar Onslaught: An offensive to reclaim ancient writings of Orderic from southern Arkmoor. Master Harem was strongly against this plot, but never the less he was willing to follow his king. It had been found after the onslaught that there were no writings of Orderic in southern Arkmoor. However, because of the Onslaught, many orcs fled south to Relaim. However, the orcs that remained formed the Urmak Congregation.

The Ala'nar DominionEdit

During the Ala'nar Onslaught, the final decision was made. The unification of the elven villages of Arkmoor. It was to be called the Dominion of Ala'nar, lead by King Shalador Arkem. His two advisors were Master Harem himself, and Lady Le'denil. They now work to achieve great things for the elven people.


Master Harem's personality is described as an inventors, very focused and a hard worker. He has love for his king and his people. Harem would be one of the last people to every betray his nation. He has a fondness of the Orcs for their strength during the Onslaught. He dislikes the Dark Elves and and any Mixed Races that share Darkelven Blood. He also shares a liking for the humans as they are admirable people, and he respects the dwarves for their endurance throughout the ages.