Master Haylem Orsos is the Grand Magister of the Kingdom of Relais. He is also a member of the ancient Order of Seven.

Early LifeEdit

When Haylem was a boy, he wasn't very strong at controlling magic. However, as he aged he began to get better control of it. He was suspected of burning down an entire village with a few victims. However, this was not proved. When he was about fifteen, he secretly became a master wizard on the Isle of Ark'aram.

The Order of SevenEdit

When he was twenty, Six mages approached him in Mooncrest. They told him about their order, and invited him to join. He did join, and advanced even further in his mastery.

The Civil War of RelaimEdit

During the civil war of Relaim, He was discovered held hostage with a few other magisters by the anti-royalists. He pointed out that they wished to join the cause on the Royal's side. He was chosen by Lord General Quel'den Aren to be eligable to lead the Kingdom of Relais in magic. Queen Anoril Starfall, after some persuasion, also believed so. He helped turn the tide of the war singlehandedly. Every since, he had still been one of the strongest mages alive. Noone dared oppose him except one of his formal pupils, a Shadowelf by the name of Tulen Moratus.


Haylem Orsos is a man not to be messed with. On a good day, he was a good man to be around. However, He normally had a strange hatred for most people, though that didn't stop him from obeying his orders. He is usually described as an evil man, but he is seen as a delight compared to his old apparentice, Tulen.

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