Master Scout Magnus Kuran is the Spy/Intelligence master of the Holtem Federation.

Early LifeEdit

When Magnus was young, he was trained in the art of a hunter. He was one of the best in all Alm'agan. He could hunt in snow, forests, even in low grasslands. He also was able to hunt in the water, a feat that wasn't common other than being a fisherman.

The Dwarven War MachineEdit

When Magnus was about twenty, He signed up for the Frozen-Sky military as a soldier, but he wasn't very good at killing. They decided to use him as a recon soldier. He already has experience with tracking and hunting, so staying hidden and spying on enemies came naturally to him. He helped them save many lives, and even helped them secure the province of Holtem alongside Khan-Odek and Horen Stoutstep.

The Holtem FederationEdit

After General Barkep was commissioned to the southern front, Magnus and Horen decided to nominate Khan-Odek to take charge of Holtem. They eventually ridded the evil humans that still remained in Holtem. Upon seeing this progression, High King Thedeus decided to award the region to Odek as a branch nation. King Khan-Odek decided to promote Horen to General and Magnus Kuran to Master Scout. Together they all renamed the nation the Holtem Federation.


Magnus Kuran is a fairly nice man, almost opposite of Horen. Although he still advocates hard work, he always warns not to press too hard at something. If you'd ever need someone to have your back, especially if your dwarf, Magnus is the guy.

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