Master Sorcerer Ignis is the greatest dwarven spellcaster, and advisor to the King in the Frozen-Sky Dwarves.

Early LifeEdit

Ignis "Firestep" is a dwarf born on Kaeran Island. When he was ten, he traveled to mainland Alm'agan to begin his career as a master magister. He achieved his goal seven years later. Three years after that, He was contacted by High King Thedeus Snowbeard.

Advisor to the KingEdit

During a strong incantation, Ignis was approached by the new High King, Thedeus. Thedeus offered him a place as an Advisor and Court Mage to his nation, to which Ignis accepted. Together with General Barkep Frostbelt, they accepted the help of the Dark Elves with the human raids. They formed the Dwarven War Machine, which desolated the humans of Holtem. When a few commanders of the dwarves "defected", in his eyes, and tried to start their own branch nation to the Frozen-Sky, Ignis was reluctant, but agreed with some persuasion from Thedeus.


Ignis has a big temper. He hates most races, and a dislike for the Darkelves. He has a rare hereditary defect that causes his skin to be black and his eyes to be bright red. This defect is only known to be on the oldest families on Kaeren Island.