Mistress Iseus is the most devoted Highpriest of Vien and second in command to Lady Laurus of the League of Sha.

Early LifeEdit

Iseus grew up in western Amarisia. Ever since she was a little girl, she served Vien. Her parents were servants of the Dark Gods, and eventually fought in the Covert War when she was about fifteen. They didn't survive the final Battle of Ralken, which only made her belief in Vien stronger. She eventually met Lady Laurus when she became Commander.

The League of ShaEdit

After the Nimerians conqueored Shad'wen, the Order of Shadras was hidden and near disbanded. However when the Great War ended, Mistress Iseus brought the belief of Vien to the Nimerians trapped there and the native dark elves. Therefore, when communing with Vien the next time, Vien granted her great beauty and power. She became a near spitting image of Vien in a mortal form, and would bewitch many natives. Many also became followers, and it became the unofficial "religion" and worship in Shad'wen. 


Mistress Iseus is a fairly cruel individual, often cursing men and leaving their bodies to die and feed Vien. Lady Laurus also often leaves prisoners to Iseus, to which she mercilessly tortures them to near death.

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