Mistress Kamile Hillsgrund is the second to Master Alumn Orak and a member of the Order of Seven.

Early LifeEdit

Mistress Hillgrund was born in Alen Remia but her talent of being a mage brought her to Waldewynn to further her talents. She eventually found herself under the leadership of Alumn Orak. She was trained by him for many years, and even less so after he became a Royal Councilor. 

The Order of SevenEdit

After Alumn Orak became a leader of the Wizards of Waldewynn, The Covert War broke out. She helped fight in the Battle of Ralken, and helped defeat the Cult of Sar'khet. After the war was won, Alumn Orak decided to induct her into the order after he became Grandmaster after the death of Ulvik Homik. She is the youngest member, but she still has much to learn, and maybe have the ability to be one of the greatest.


Kamile Hillgrund is still rather young, and accepting. Under the influence of Master Orak, she follows many of the same principals as him. She is one of the nicest people in Tilvas proclaimed by many.