The Province of Relaim is south of Arkmoor and West of Holtem. It is split between north and south by a large mountain formation, with a narrow path that leads to Arkmoor. It is also split from Holtem by a river that runs south into Lake Eztas.

Founding of Relaim (Before Great War)Edit

It was Originally said that the Gods of Tilvas create Relaim for the Elven race. However, Some of the Gods had begun an arguinment which continued until the God of Peace and Trade, Dalrik, had come up with a plan. He Took one-third of the Elven Population and spread them on the Northern lands of Arkmoor. In Relaim However, Lamentation Spread, suffering of the elves who had lost one-third of their kind. This Feeling became the reason for Ezeq to establish himself in Reliam. Zereq in his Time gathered all his human followers, of Holtem and established the Ancient City of Amnestad. The Elves had now had gained a chance to interact with the Human race which worshipped Zereq. Relaim Elves Quickly learned from their human counterparts, some of them are the arts of the bow and leading. With this the Establishing of of the Kingdom of Relais, soon came to be. It is Rumored that the feelings that entangled relaim in the past are embedded in the lands of Relaim keeping Zereq always about in the land. 

Relaim (After Great War)Edit

Relaim is split between the Kingdom of Relais and the Orvik Clans. There is a deadzone in the center to which most travelers can go through. However to enter from the west, you must travel through the Elven land next to Holtem. Do to the ties to the Elven Dominion, Relais is having trouble deciding wether to let the Orkiv clans remain in Relaim or wether or not to march against them. However, with establishment of a deadzone, Quen Anoril Starfall realized, that with the deadzone inbetween, it would be easy to tell who's faction will take the steps against the other.

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