Selia Darkstrike is the wife of Tulen Moratus, and the mother of Zavren and Xavien Moratus. She died in a battle against Alumn Orak at the courtyard of A'dul Gad.

Involvement with Tulen MoratusEdit

She met Tulen Moratus when he was still learning under Haylem Orsos. Before his betrayal of his teachings, she found out she was pregnant, which also caused reason for the flight. She eventually gave birth to Zavren and Xavien in Arkmoor.

Selia never participated in the Covert War, as she had to raise her sons at their private home in hidden in the mountains of Waldewynn-Sha'dwen.

The Tyrannical WarEdit

About a decade and a half later, Selia was present at the end of the 'Tyrannical War'. She was told by an image of her husband to help the darkelves survive against the world. However, when Alumn Orak went to the capital, they had a massive battle of magic. She eventually, fell in the end.

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