The Province of Shad'wen is a large cresent shaped land North of Alen Remia, South of Relaim, and West of Waldewynn.

Founding of Shad'wen (Before Great War)Edit

The Forming of Shad'wen was done by Orderic under the supervision of Victorious. This land was not tampered by any Dark God making suitable for Victorious' Presence. It was when it was time to pick a race where the trouble set in. Orderic took some of Dark Elves on Nimeria and placed them in Shad'wen however, Upon the Dark elves being placed in the lands that were blessed by Victorious did both gods see a problem with The Dark Elves. The Dark Elves had been heavil influenced by Tyrannus' Aura making them Dark Elves feel pain in Shad'wen. In attempt to change both fate and the dark elves, Victorious had decided to preside in Shad'wen to cure the cursed aura sorrounding the Dark Elves.  After this a temple for Victorious was built there, and soon enough the Dark Elves regained their ability to habitate normal lands. Victorious began secret Aiding the Dark Elves until they had united into the Order of Sha, which lead to the League of Sha. Although the Dark Elves still follow Nimeria's customs, It is said that the Dark Elves of Sha possess greater ability of unerstanding, yet still cursed with Tyrannus' Aura.

Shad'wen (After Great War)Edit

The bulk of Shad'wen is owned by the Darkelves of the League of Sha, However the southern most tip is owned by the Trimire Republic. After the display of Tririme Repulic's Strength against the newly formed League of Shad'wen, Re-organization of the order itself began after the war. Since the land has been ignored by the Dark Gods for so long the Race of Dark Elves in Shad'wen now challenging their own traditions which could mean peace or death for their People in Shad'wen.

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