High Priest Shak'tul is the religious "conduit" for the Dark Gods in Nimeria

Early LifeEdit

Shak'tul wasn't born with his name, but he took it when he was a child as a nickname. Since then, everyone had forgotten it. His parents were servants of the Dark Gods, as they were former advisors to the Dark King of Nimeria three kings before King Sha'do. When he was ten, He became a faithful follower of a Priest of Zephyr, the Darkelven goddess of Water. Within another five years, he became an apprentice priest of Zephyr. Three years later he became a full Priest of Zephyr. He was loyal and faithful to temple where he worshiped and taught, but not for long. About two years later, he was deemed High Priest of Zephyr. It was then it hit him, That after over a decade of his life, He really achieved nothing. He slowly began to be in despair.

The PactEdit

Shak'tul eventually heard of a magical artifact that could maybe help him with his priesthood. He went through great lengths to aquire it, and found out it was a book. He took it back to his temple, and opened the dark book. The book then ensnared him in its foul grasp, unable to move, unable to blink. It was then that the Dark God Sar'khet, answered his call. Shak'tul told Sar'khet of his plight, and made a pact with him. A few minutes went by, until Shak'tul eventually started throwing up water, and his skin started to mutate. It was a very painful experience, but when it was over, he had power like no other. Only one other transformation like this had happened in Tilvas, in the League of Sha.

The Nimerian DarkelvesEdit

He eventually introduced himself to the soon to be King, Sha'do Nightsong. After he became king, and made Shak'tul the leader of religion in Nimeria.


Shak'tul is a strange being, ever since his transformation, he has a very arrogant attitude. He serves Sha'do faithfully merely because of his rise to power. Shak'tul with his experience and attitude will be one of Sha'do's biggest advantages for the military.

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