Shamanism is the control of the four elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. It is primely used as a magic source by the Orcs.


Shamanism originated from ancient ancestors of the orcs that were to be followers of Orderic. However, when the Order of Golden Blood slowly began to decline about a century after its creation, the orcs of the order decided to respectfully leave the order. They used their mastery of the Holy Light to control other elements. This became the practice known as Shamanism. 

The Way of the ElementsEdit

As the ancient shamans began to master the other elements, they completely lost touch with their touch with the Holy Light. Because of this, orcs could no longer master the ways of the Holy Light. Shamanism became the primary source of magic to the Orcs. It is quite astonishing, as Orcs are really the only race that have the ability to bend the elements to their will. However, there are a few others that can mildly bend some of the elements.

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