The land of Stormglen is a peninsula north-west of the Gulf of Tilvas, and south of Waldewynn. Its named after the frequent storms that occur year round.

Founding of Stormglen (Before Great War)Edit

This land was raised by Zerek and Formed by Aeren(Female). After the creation of Waldewynn, Aeren decided for him to create his own land, after getting permision from Zerek, Aeren built the land he felt comfortable with. However, It was missing the nature's strength thus Aeren called Mandrake, who made the land have frequent storms. Ironicly, The Only race to survive the enviroment were humans. Aeren pleased with what he created built a temple in Stormglen but, still wandered along with Zerek in the very end. 

After this, events and such, The humanic Empire began but, quickly declined do to dark forces at play. After it's complete fall in the Covert War, 3 Factions Remained in Stormglen until the Grand War began. 

Stormglen (After Great War)Edit

Stormglen is currently controlled by the human nation of The Kingdom of Stormtyre. After the unification and pushing of Nimeria's forces back to their borders, Stormtyre followed the traditions of the empire at a smaller scale. Thus Establishing the current Royal Family, the Buckle Royal Family. They also gave their piece of the Waldewynn Region to the Wizards as, Stormtyre believes it rightfully belongs to the Waldewynn Wizards.

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