The Cult of Sar'khet is a group formed in the Dark God Sar'khet's name by Tulen Moratus.

Formation of the CultEdit

Tulen Moratus formed the cult to be against his master Haylem Orsos, and the Order of Seven. They grew in great power before the Great War, and even silently helped in the Relaim Civil War. They grew to their greatest strength before the Great War.

Notable Members Before the Covert WarEdit

Darklord Tulen Moratus - Headmaster of the Cult

Grand Magister Myra Helus - Second to Tulen Moratus

Archbishop Mallus Dukal - Former Archbishop of Orderic

Master Aul Ogen - Former Dark Arts master from Waldewynn

Grand Magister Aeriel Saren - Former Court-Mage of Arkmoor

Archmage Kores Veras - Betrayer of the Order of Seven, Wanted dead for betrayal, joined the Cult to protect himself

High Necromancer Zalen Ramek - Master Necromancer from Relaim, exiled for using unholy magic to stop aging. Joined the cult to make Unholy Magic openly practiced.

Notable Members After the Covert WarEdit

Darklord Tulen Moratus - Headmaster of the Cult

Archbishop Mallus Dukal - Dark Archbishop of the Cult

Grand Magister Aeriel Saren - Grand Magister of the Cult

High Necromancer Zalen Ramek - Master of Unholy Studies for the Cult

Grand Warlock Elyn Shadowmark - Highpriest of Valyon, Head Researcher of the Cult

Master Aren Cecil - Battlemage of the Cult, trainer in Melee Arts

Mistress Vela Veras - Daughter of Kores Veras, Loyal member of the Cult

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