The Gods of Tilvas range from a variety of different beings, Some of which who influence the world more literally than figuratively.

The PantheonEdit

The Pantheon refers to the natural gods that are worshiped by the majority of the world. They have no claim to any race, and are usually seen and refered to as mystical forms, unlike any mortal races. Such gods include:

Dalrik - Lord of Peace and Trade.

Mandrake - King of Flight, Skies, and Weather.

Orderic - Master of Light, Fighter of Darkness.

Zerek - Patron of Gods, Creator of Worlds. Also refered to as the 'Forge God'.

Victorius - Goddess of Victory, Defeat, and Fate. Wife of Zerek.

Aeren - Deity of Time, Destroyer of Creations. Changes gender every Milennia.

Ezeq - Patron of the Afterlife, Suffering, and Victims.

These seven gods are responsible for the majority of everything in existence. However, Other races have taken to renaming them and showing them in their own image.

The Dark GodsEdit

The Dark Gods commonly refers to the evil deities of the world, who would be the enemies of the Pantheon. Although Dark Gods after appeared in the pantheon of mortals throughout time. Such Dark Gods are:

Islen - Traitor to Mortals, Enemy of Humans and Elves. Patron to Dragons.

Valyon - Lord of Darkness, Decay, and Disease.

Tyrannus - Master of Slaves and Servitude. Patron of Supremecy.

Vien - Queen of Envy, Lordess of Deception, Goddess of Beauty.

Xoroth - Master of Madness, Lord of Nightmares, God of Insanity.

Kor'danoth - King of Misfortune, Patron to Hunters, Lord of the Wilds.

Sar'khet - Lord of Knowledge, Pacts, and Power.

Each of these Dark Gods have their own personalities, and have their own taste for different mortal ordeals. They are not to be taken lightly when interacted with, and often like to "gift" mortals in return for eternal servitude. 

Mortal GodsEdit

Mortal Gods refers to the gods that mortals mistake as the Pantheon, in their own Image. See Links

Human Pantheon

High Elven Pantheon

Blood Elven Pantheon

Orc Pantheon

Dark Elf Pantheon

Dwarven Pantheon

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