The Great War usually refers to the grand conflict between all races of northern Tilvas.

The Grand WarEdit

The Vast Expansion of the war was the true source of the name, Grand War.

The Ala'nar Dominion forced the Orvik clans into exodus and indirectly led to the formation of the Urmak Congregation.

The Urmak Congregation unified after the orvik exodus and began a series of stalemate battles against the Ala'nar dominion.

The Orviks Exodus led them into Relaim where The Elven Kingdom of Relais was in a civil war.

Do to anti-royalist, The Orvik had taken and decimated the enemy faction of the crown.

The Royal Family took advantage and decimated the remnants of the anti-royalis.

The Relais' forces block Orvik Exodus south, forcing Orvik to take Amnestad.

Amnestad, an ancient human city that worshipped Zerek, falls to Orviks giving them a chance to establish themselves. The Human survivors flea to Holtem. Cold Front between Orvik and Relais forms.

Refugees arrive in Holtem, Revolts begin, The Anarchy Expands into the entire continent.

The Frozen-Sky Dwarves and the Nimerian Darkelves make a shifty alliance. The Dwarven and Dark Elven advance begins. The Dwarves take Holtem. 

The First Humanic Empire is attacked by the Dark Elves of Nimeria and the Frozen-Sky Dwarves. They formed the Dark Iron Alliance.

They attacked swiftly and without relent, and annihilated the Empire's front lines. They pushed them back, and the Dwarves and Eastern Darkelf army pushed down and east into Shad'wen.

The Darkelves settled and built another base in Shad'wen under General Laurus.

The Humans began to reform, even after their major defeats, and pushed the Darkelves and Dwarves back, and cut off the Darkelves in Shad'wen from their homes.

The Emperor of the First Humanic Empire, Artemis II, is assassinated by Gamren Moratus.

The First Humanic Empire and the Dark Iron Alliance sign a neutral peace treaty.

The councilors of the First Humanic Empire split the empire into three smaller nations, the Kingdom of Stormtyre, and Wizards of Waldewynn, and the Trimire Republic.

The Holtem Federation is formed, the Great War fully ends between all factions.

Present time, Truce between most factions.

The AftermathEdit

Series of minor diplomatic talks appear between dwarven and humans. Neutrality amongs the every faction. Nimeria and Ala'nar Dominion still in high tension. Relais deadlocked in decision making. Humanity distrust of Nimeria, Order of Shadras becomes League of Sha.

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