The Kingdom of Stormtyre is a human nation settled in the on the peninsula of Stormglen. The capital of their nation is the city of Valletor.

The Founding of StormtyreEdit

The most mysterious of all the regions in North Tilvas. It is true humans were the first to be able to habitate this land but, the ancient secrets bring a certain difference amongst the regions. Even During the reign of First Humanic Empire over these lands many mages, excavators and Religous men of many a kind dwelled here. This kind of place would lead Valletor to be the Empire's Capital until Emperor Kelem, who shifted the Capital to Ralken, Waldewynn.

Aside from the Temple of Aeren, Diety of Time, also called Destroyer of Creations, there were other things that have yet to be figured out. One of these is the Great city of Valletor in Stormglen. The city and most of its building were made with refined strong material which couldn't be done by the Human that had begun to habitate Stormglen. This Reveals that the City was made a God, which god? All that the researches of the current time say is, "It a Treasure chest yet to be revealed." This could mean that the city itself be incomplete or "Dormant". 

After the fall of the First Humanic Empire, Most of the people that led the research fell in the insuing chaos. This ensuing Chaos would continue until the Nimerian Advance. Do to this dark revelation, the people began  to formulate until they decided to use the Empire's Tradition of having a ruling family. After the Emperor's death at the hand of Gamren Moratus, his other three loyal councilors split the empire in three. Aldren Buckle became king of Stormglen, and named it the Kingdom of Stormtyre.

The Kingdom of StormtyreEdit

The Kingdom of Stormtyre is one of the three major nations of humans left in Tilvas. They are lead by King Aldren Buckle, a fierce warrior from the days of old. The city itsself is managed by Lord Kallus Buckle, Aldren's son. The military is lead by General Boros Valem, who was native to Waldewynn, but joined the Kingdom of Stormtyre because he wasn't a mage. This would lead to minor suspicions which were quickly crushed after his victories against Nimeria. Under the Buckle Family, Stormtyre seems to have a bright future ahead however, could the remaining mysteries of the peninsula have greater call? 

The current state of diplomacy trully revolves around Waldewynn, as Stormtyre and Tririme don't see themselves eye to eye but carry a degree of respect for each other. 

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