The League of Sha was formed when an army and colonists broke through the humans defenses and formed a base in Shad'wen. They're allies to the Nimerians, and have a dislike for the Trimire Republic. Their capital is the ancient darkelven city of Nemais.

The Order of ShadrasEdit

The Irony of the Order of Shadras was that it already Existed but, not as large as it is now. The Order was established in secrecy in Shad'wen, by Dark Elven Denizens that had been brought up in Shad'wen and no other region. Small and cautious they remained Hidden from the Humans of Alen Remia who had expanded through out Shad'wen. It was only when great war came that the Order had begun to change. 

Nimerian Forces eventually went through Waldewynn with the Frozen-Sky Dwarves and began to attack the Trimire Republic. However, they started to march into Shad'wen and build a small civilization and a military outpost there. Through the blood trail they had manage to find the Many Dark Elven Tribes of Shad'wen and its Order. The Order realized that the destruction of their morals and teaching would dissappear under the Nimerian power. Thus Most of the Order Members, went to hiding or dissappeared. Do to this the Nimerians successfully took control of Shad'wen, this led to the Introduction of the Goddess Vien into the lands. 

The Dark Goddess influenced the Denizens of Shad'wen, which would lead to the Ruling Queen, Lady Laurus, Ruthless as the thorned flowers she personally grows. She would lead the Newly formed League of Sha against Tririme republic. However, the difference between the Regioned Dark Elves proved astonishing. After a series of Failed attempts to take the final area of Shad'wen, the citizen began pondering about the human ability, which was a Taboo of sorts in Nimeria. Vien herself remained astonished but, was attempting to realize this change and what it meant. 

After constant offensive failure on Leagues' fault it came to be that they would sign the truce that would stop most hostilities at the end of the war.

The League of ShaEdit

The League of Sha are the remnants of Dark Elves from Shad'wen. They're lead by the ruthless queen, Lady Laurus. Under her is a servant to the Dark God Vien, Mistress Iseus. Following them, is the general of the League, Commander Anoreth. Out of the three, Only Anoreth is a True Dark Elf of Shad'wen, who knows many things and secrets. While Lady Laurus was Picked by the citizens that had been influenced by Vien' servant. For strange reasons Vien herself is unable to see the Deep truths that Anoreth holds.