The Moratus Family is an ancient family that is responsible for all sorts of vile and evil deeds throughout history.

Rezek Moratus and the Assassination of Emperor JagenEdit

In the days of old, during the beginning of the First Humanic Empire, There was a man by the name of Rezek Moratus. Little did his decendants certuries later know of his evil deed. One day he called upon ancient dark magic to help him become the best "shadowstepper" in the world. He then proceeded to assassinate Emperor Jagen which threw the empire in chaos for half a year until Emperor Orik I took over. Rezek had a son a year later, and when that son was three, the royal guards of the Emperor eventually found Rezek. They Restrained him, cut his tongue out so he couldn't scream, and inflicted as much pain to him as possible. They eventually hung him, but before he suffocated, they continuously stabbed him until he choked on his own blood(Which was also flowing out of him at a rapid rate). They then beheaded him and stuck his head on a pike in the capital for all to see, to make sure everyone understood their message. After which, they burned his body, and dumped his ashes into a special gold coin. They called it the Cursed Coin, and encased it in a sealed urn, to which they gave to one devout member of the guards. He proceeded to hide it, and under their previous oath, to which he agreed, they then killed him, and burned his body. They then placed his ashes in an urn, and placed it in a shrine to the Emperors. This was a symbol of the devotion of their members, and also as a precaution that the coin would never be found, and the guard could never be resurrected to tell its whereabouts.

Gamren Moratus and the Assassination of Emperor Artemis IIEdit

Near the end of the Great War, One of the Emperor's Councilmen, Gamren Moratus, decided hes had enough of the Emperor. He proceeded to eventually slip in to kill the Emperor, however, the Emperor was waiting for him. The Emperor knew it had to be done, and so he willing let Gamren kill him. However, He was eventually caught and killed by the other three Councilers. 

Tulen Moratus and the Covert WarEdit

Tulen Moratus is the son of Gamren Moratus. Tulen is responsible for forming the Cult of Sar'khet which caused the Covert War, killing thousands with his and his followers mastery of Dark Magic. He was defeated, and took refuge in Sar'khet's library realm, awaiting a future time when he can re-emerge.

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