The Pantheon refers to the Seven True Gods of Tilvas.

The AncientsEdit

In the very beginning of what one would call time, a mystical being manifested itself into a living deity. He called himself Zerek, which means "The Great One" In cosmetic tongue. He began creating the realms the universe, but he began to notice that the more he created, the more that was destroyed. As the ancient saying goes, There cannot be good without evil. When Zerek manifested, another being, as evil as Zerek was good, began to slowly corrupt and destroy the progress he had made. To help him overpower this foe, He created another deity, his wife, Victorious. However, they soon found out, that as she gained strength, her counterpart, Vien, rose to power. Zerek then created Dalrik, and with him, Tyrannus arose. Then Mandrake and Kor'danoth. Aeren and Sar'khet. Finally, it ended with Orderic, Zerek's last defense against the darkness, and his counterpart, Valyon. They've been at a constant struggle throughout time. However, the Pantheon prevailed when they cast the majority of their combined power to stop the Dark Gods from meddling with any more creations. This saved their last and most successful attempt at a perfect world of "Decendiks", or Mortals. In the ancient makings of Tilvas were beasts, that were naturally untamable for their ferocity. They were called "Dragons" by the mortals of the realm. Of the mortals, there was a family of no others. They began to slay and slowly began to tame the beasts. However, a grand setback occured when a younger member of the family betrayed them by serving the dragons. By his actions, he killed his cousin which resulted in the freeing of many dragons. He was eventually defeated by the brother of the cousin he had killed. "The Betrayer" refered to by the humans and elves, was Islen. However, before he could be killed, he radiated darkness. He was then deemed, with all the remaining might of the Dark Gods, One of them. His soul was ripped from his body, and exploded into mist, which then traveled into oblivion. His body then shattered into a million pieces, to the point where nothing remained, not even his legendary armor. For the first time since Zerek, a new god had been created from being a non-deity. To All of the gods amazement, Just as the Dark Gods formed from good, A new "good" god was formed from Islen, and Ereq was formed.

The Gods of TilvasEdit

(For The Names and Powers of the Gods, see here.)

The Pantheon and Dark Gods aren't often seen interfering in the affairs of mortals. However, the Dark Gods are seen having a lot more influence in Tilvas.