The Ranger Corps of Relais are among the greatest archers, and even hunters, of the world. Though only bloodelves can join, they may start at the bottom, and rise to be the best.

Notable MembersEdit

Lord General Quel'den Aren - Commander of the Relais Military

Queen Anoril Starfall - Political and Racial leader of the Kingdom of Relais.

Ranger-General Merwyn Ellus - Second to Quel'den, and field commander of the Rangers.

Ranger Tyor - An Algboren, and the first hunter of the Ranger Corps.

Ranger Werner - A bloodelf ranger who also masters in the art of melee combat.

Ranger Hjul - An Alboren ranger from Waldewynn.

Ranger Fey - A Shadowelf hunter from a hidden village in Southern Arkmoor.

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