The Trimire Republic is a kingdom of humans in the region of Alen Remia. It is not like tradition republics, for they are lead by a deemed ruler who serves until death. The capital of the Trimire Republic is Highvale.

The Foundation of the Republic Edit

The founding was during the unification of Stormtyre. Current Knowledge dictates that they followed the example of the Wizards of Waldewynn, when their 3 factions unified. This Republic came to be founded by 4 factions of Nobility in the Highlands. These Lords had seen a future which was thought of naught after the fall of the Humanic Empire, and even with the blessing of the previous Archbishop, Mallus Dukal. However, Dukal would had been discovered to be Cultist of Sar'khet, Mallus was forced to flee and join his side of the Covert War. This would cause the friction among faction until the news of the Nimerian and Dwarven assault against the South Regions. 

Not only the inpending fear of two races joining against theme but, they also had another enemy at their doorstep, The Order of Sha. This would force a quick draft of alliances, pacts, treaties, and marriages across the land. This acts of Spontaneous choices would lead to the Solution of a republic, no matter how broken the system was. After a Complete Dictation to the world of this forming. The representetives were elected to ponder on Diplomacy and Domestic problems. While the Highlord, had the voice of the citizens and the right of military usage at a small scale, for defense. The Senator-ship would never go to battle would always debate upon the right course of action, while The Highlord would deem militarily and domesticly proper leaders for the task. 

This would lead to the Election of Rubik Leylynn. Leylynn was not a fool, yet he had the greatest hatred towards Dark Elves, this would make him perfect for a no-remorse commander in the battlefield. Leylynn Realize that the area of battle required more tactics and leadership rather than a army. He then sought Laegus Roland, Baron of Alen Remia, Who was an old friend of Leylynn. Leylynn than sought that the people elect a Commander to represnt them in battle and thus, Gaius Halmath, was elected to lead. These three would lead defensive forces until the end of the war.


The Trimire Republic owns all of Alen Remia and the southern tip of Sha'dwen. They are lead by Highlord Rubik Leylynn. Under him is the commander of the military Baron Laegus Roland, and the captain of the guard, Commander Gaius Halmath. They work to keep theirselves and the total humans to equals in the world.