The Ulum Arath were an assassination group reponsible for the deaths of many famous and accomplished members of society.


They were employed by the Ulenian Artien family of ancient Arkmoor. They were formed to help the family rise to power, and take control of ancient Arkmoor. The family was eventually eradicated with the death of the Ulum Arath by the hands of Shalador Arkem.

Assassination ContractsEdit

Tygrin Raken - Head of the Raken family during ancient Arkmoor. Killed to gain favor with the Ulenian Artien family.

General Raelis Kaelen - Commander of the Ancient Arkmooran army. Tried to stage a rightful coup of the Ulenian Artien family. Assassinated to stop his coup, and make his followers lose moral.

Wiljus Moran - An Algoren magister from the First Humanic Empire. He was secretly a diplomat looking into the plight of ancient arkmooran. Assassinated to preserve the familys power.

Imperial Official Tygus - A former member of the Ulenian Artien family. Disowned for "crimes" against the family. Killed for trying to have the family convicted of treason

Reglyn and Mylus Arkem - Father and Mother of Shalador Arkem. Assassinated for their efforts to rid the Ancient Arkmoorans of the Ulenian Artien's grasp.


They were slowly hunted down and slaughtered by Shalador Arkem for killing his parents. After they were all finished off by what were called The Consulates, Shalador captured and put all of the Ulenian Artien members to trial. After a short trial, all the people of elven Arkmoor cried for their blood. Three days later, every member was beheaded, burned, and hanged.

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