Warchief Za'kul Gorob is the leader of the Orvik Clans in Relaim.

Early Life in ArkmoorEdit

Za'kul Gorob grew up in the Orvik Clans of Arkmoor. As a child he learned to fight and was somewhat of a bully to other children. As he grew older, he grew stronger, and more wiser. He eventually met the Warchief and joined the guard. He was in many battles, and earned much reputation of courage and ferocity.

Warchief of the OrviksEdit

When the former warchief died, it was in his command that the new warchief be Za'kul, the boy the warchief grew to love. However, the natural selection of the Warchief was to challenge him to a duel to the death. The former warchief was so loved, that noone would dare kill him. However, One orc did challenge Za'kul. A Dark Orc by the name of Gorzak. Gorzak wasn't a soldier, but he was by far the strongest warrior in the village. He slaughtered many that stood before him, and never lost a fight. However, he fought only with pure ferocity. Za'kul, used his experience to outwit Gorzak. It was a fierce battle, but Za'kul came out of it alive. He then vowed to be a stronger, and wiser warchief than the previous one. This didn't prove to be true. He eventually came in a skirmish with the Ala'nar Dominion, the newly united elves of Arkmoor. This ended with the flight of many orcs, including the Warchief and his two advisors, General Ma'grub and Captain Ha'rog.

The Flight to RelaimEdit

Warchief Za'kul lead them through Gorek Pass, a dangerous ancient passage that lead to the southern province of Relaim. When they got there, they realized that different, but similar elves were in a civil war. He decided to help the elves to an extend, and eventually conqueor the ancient human city of Amnestad. He renamed it Olkvien, which means "Sacred Land" in their ancient language.


Warchief Za'kul, even with his past, is now a reasonable person. He as a dislike for the elves of Arkmoor, but a fondness for the Kingdom of Relais. He hopes that even with his new allies in the north, that future wars won't occur in his presence as Warchief.